These products are used for the remote control switching or dimming of lighting or other loads. The wire-free senders are available as hand held or wall mounted versions.

A receiver switch or receiver dimmer is wired into the existing circuit to control the connected load. The sender signals can pass through walls or ceilings so the receivers can be mounted out of sight. Inside a typical building the receivers can work at an approximate range of 30-50 metres. In free air the range is approximately 100-150 metres. The carrier frequency of the radio signals is 868MHz, which is CE Approved and Licence Free.

An Example Building


Radio receivers

A Exterior receiver switch for outside lights.
B Display cabinet lamps or standard desk lamps can be controlled via a plug-in dimmer receiver.
C Receiver switches and receiver dimmers for the lighting circuits can be concealed behind a false ceiling.


Wire-free radio senders

D 12 channel hand sender to control ceiling lights, spot lights and screen. For security reasons a caretaker can use another 12 channel hand sender to control all the lights inside the building and the outside security lights.
E All lights can also be controlled by wire-free wall mounted senders.