O.E.M. Products


Dimmer modules and time lag modules are available for other Original Equipment Manufacturers to mount on their own wall plates. Our range includes dimmer modules with rotary or push mechanical switches, and to suit resistive or inductive loads. For mains halogen lamps follow the resistive wattages in the tables below.

Description Order code Min. and Max. wattage:
resistive, mains halogen
or dimmable electronic
transformer loads
Min. and Max. wattage:
dimmable wire-wound
or toroidal transformer
inductive loads
Max. no. of
Soft start dimmer module
Same functions and features as the
plated Soft start dimmers.
DSS 250W 40 - 250W 40 – 160W 4 66x28x29
DSS 400W 60 – 400W 60 – 250W 6 66x28x29
Slave switch module SS SL Suitable for use with DANLERS Soft start dimmers
and Quiet dimmers and modules, and DANLERS
Time lag switches.