DANLERS Launch new ‘Intelligent’ Photocell Batten Mount Control - DANLERS Lighting Controls & HVAC Controls

DANLERS Limited have launched a new stylishly designed Batten-mounted ‘Intelligent’ Photocell switch capable of delivering significant energy savings at low cost. They are ideal for applications such as offices, corridors, classrooms, storerooms, washrooms and any area where lights are on when not required.

The Batten Mount ‘Intelligent Photocell is capable of delivering additional energy saving by virtue of its radical new ‘Intelligent’ Photocell calibration process that can distinguish the difference between artificial light and the natural ambient light delivered to the photocell and by doing so removes the site specific addition of artificial light from any decision to automatically switch the lights on/off. This minimises hysteresis drift and minimises the risk of false triggering or ‘hunting’. This technology has a GB patent pending No. 1219746.3.

The photocell can be set to between 100 lux and 3000 lux (on the working plane).

This UK manufactured control is IP53 rated and can be mounted onto the end of lighting battens via the 20mm knock out with a quick fit connection thread and lock nut through which the 1 metre lead can easily connect to the lighting ballast. Its high quality relay can switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps resistive or tungsten, 6 amps of fluorescent (switch start), 3 amps of electronic or wire-wound transformers, compact fluorescent or LED lamps.

Julian Kay, DANLERS Managing Director commented, ‘This innovative new technology is an ideal quick fix, low cost, energy saving solution for organisations demanding a reduction to their energy bills and a rapid payback on their investment”.