Manual High Frequency Dimmers


High frequency controllers – Grid modules

Suitable for Crabtree grid.

Suitable for dimmable ballasts with 1-10VDC input (including LEDs).
Push on, push off, hold to dim.

Product code: DSSGD CB 10VDC

Download Installation Guide

They may be placed in any position on the appropriate grid or plate.

They can also be operated by additional mains rated, normally open retractive switches.
Please call for details.



Total load of ballast, lamps plus other load not more than 6 amps including fluorescent.
Can control up to 20mA, eg. 20 ballasts at 1mA

When controlling LED drivers a load capacitor (order code CAPLOAD) may be required to augment the load

Dimensions: 51 x 24 x 38mm. Minimum wall box depth 40mm