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PIR thermostat control for heating – user adjustable

WAPIR TH has an adjustable front thermostat dial.

For the automatic control of electric heating loads. The passive infra-red person detector detects whether somebody is present in the vicinity. If somebody is present the heating is controlled by the thermostat. If nobody is present the room temperature is allowed to drop to a lower base level. This base level or 'set-back temperature' is also adjustable.

For wall mounting only.

Product code: WAPIR TH


Detection angle: 120°
Thermostat range: 15 to 25°C
Set-back temperature: 5 to 14°C
Loading: Up to 13 amps (3000W) of any type of resistive heating load
Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 22mm. Wall box depth: 25mm