Daylight Linked Dimmers


These automatically dim lights according to ambient light level to maintain a constant brightness of between 100 and 1000 lux (adjustable).

For suspended or plasterboard ceilings. Complete with 2m cables for quick and easy installation.

Has dimming and on/off switching and is suitable for dimmable ballasts with 1-10VDC input.

Product code: CEFL PHDD 10VDC

Download Installation Guide

Ceiling surface mounted version: CESF PHDD 10VDC is also available on request.


Photocell range: 100 to 1000 lux, falling on the working plane
Loading: Total load of ballast, lamps plus other load not more than 6 amps including fluorescent.
Can control up to 20mA, eg. 20 ballasts at 1mA.
(Varies according to make and model of ballasts).
Dimensions: 72mm diameter x 68mm