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Designed for integration into the enMODUS smart lighting solution

DANLERS Limited manufacture a range of WattWave enabled energy saving controls for integration with the EnModus WattWave system.
PLEASE NOTE: The enModus lighting solution is exclusively available through enModus. Please contact +44 (0)1291 625567 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details

Low Cost

An innovative new smart lighting control and monitoring system designed to dramatically reduce the installation costs of low-energy lighting systems. Addresses the needs of intelligent lighting systems with a low-cost, designed-for-purpose retrofit powerline solution.

Low Disruption

Uses advanced 'WattWave' powerline technology, providing an ultra-reliable, long distance, full duplex communications system for smart lighting control and monitoring with no new control cabling.

Low Risk

Works with the existing ecosystem of LED drivers and controls to provide the ideal end-to-end lighting management system solution for retrofit installations. Compatible with DALI and 1-10VDC ballasts.

High Adaptability

Couples a scalable and flexible system architecture with a very powerful software lighting control platform, so the system is quick and easy to install and configure and can adapt rapidly to future building change of use.

Flexible Sensor Options

The system offers specifiers and installers flexibility in their choice of lighting control. Installations can use simple timed schedules or PIR sensors for occupancy based control or ambient light sensors for maximum savings or any combination, all under software control.

Energy Management

The EnModus system provides real-time monitoring of the energy use of the driver/luminaire(s) to which it is connected. Realtime sensor status is reported back to the enModus Control Platform every 1 second and historical PIR use is recorded in the ECP to help observe occupancy trends.

WattWave enabled sensors range

DANLERS Limited manufacture a large range of WattWave enabled controls. However products are exclusively available directly from enModus - for the latest details please visit: http://www.enmodus.com

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