PIR Occupancy switch with Short visit function and Courtesy exit mode.

This neat and unobtrusive PIR occupancy switch is designed for the automatic control of lighting loads with the additional benefit of manual temporary intervention when used in combination with retractive wall switch (momentary).

Ideal for flush mounting through suspended or plasterboard ceilings. They have a 2m cable, for quick installation.

Product code: CEFL PIRSV

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Click here for details of Short visit function and Courtesy exit mode.



Detection Zone: 360°
Time lag range: 10 seconds to 40 minutes in 9 steps
Short visit/exit time lag: 30 seconds
Photocell range: 30 to 1000 lux, and inactive
Loading: Up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive loads.
Up to 6 amps (1500W) of fluorescent loads.
Up to 3 amps (750W) of electronic and wire wound transformer loads.
Up to 2 amps (500W) of CFL, 2D lamps, LED Drivers and LED lamps and fittings.
Up to 1 amp (250W) of fans.
Dimensions: 72mm diameter x 68mm


  • DimensionsOpen or Close
    Requires 63 or 64mm (2.5") diameter hole in a false or plasterboard ceiling cefl-dimensions
  • Detection DiagramsOpen or Close

    icn-detection-strongStrong detection zone
    ie. person moving arm

    icn-detection-secondarySecondary detection zone
    ie. person walking (less sensitive when walking straight towards PIR switch)

    PIR Quad detector gives 124 detection areas within the zone


    Perspective view of detection zone

    For optimum coverage recommended mounting height between 2.4 and 5m

    cefla pir detection2

    Several CEFL PIRSV switches


    In open plan areas

    For best coverage the CEFL PIRSV should be spaced every 5m in either direction

  • Wiring DiagramsOpen or Close
    Single CEFL PIRSV wd12a
    A few CEFL PIRSV wired in parallel wd12b