Ceiling flush-mounted PIR absence switch / dim control


Ceiling flush-mounted PIR absence switch / dim control.

When someone enters a room the lights are turned on using a wall switch. When the occupant leaves the room or area of detection the CEFLA PIRSD automatically switches the lights off after a pre-selected time.

The override OFF function allows the occupant to turn the lights off from the wall switch (while the CEFLA PIRSD is in the ON state) without waiting for the pre-selected time lag to time out. The lights can be switched back ON by operating the wall switch in the usual way.

Product code: CEFLA PIRSD

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Switch / dim function

Pressing a momentary wall switch again (while the CEFLA PIRSD is in its ON state) will operate the SWITCHING AND DIMMING functionality of the ballast (third party).

Please refer to ballast manufacturers data sheets for operation and synchronisation of the ballast.

Ideal for meeting rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, student and military accommodation, classrooms etc. These neat and unobtrusive models are ideal for flush mounting through suspended or plasterboard ceilings. They have a 2m cable, for quick installation.




Detection Zone: 360°
Time lag range: 10 seconds to 40 minutes in 9 steps
Photocell range: 30 to 1000 lux (adjustable) plus infinite lux / photocell override
Loading: Up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive loads.
Up to 6 amps (1500W) of fluorescent loads.
Up to 3 amps (750W) of electronic and wire wound transformer loads.
Up to 2 amps (500W) of CFL, 2D lamps, LED Drivers and LED lamps and fittings.
Up to 1 amp (250W) of fans.
Minimum Load: 2W resistive, suitable for most energy saving lamps, LED’s, contactors and emergency fittings
Dimensions: 72mm diameter x 68mm


  • DimensionsOpen or Close
    Requires 63 or 64mm (2.5") diameter hole in a false or plasterboard ceiling cefl-dimensions
  • Detection DiagramsOpen or Close

    icn-detection-strongStrong detection zone
    ie. person moving arm

    icn-detection-secondarySecondary detection zone
    ie. person walking (less sensitive when walking straight towards PIR switch)

    PIR Quad detector gives 124 detection areas within the zone


    Perspective view of detection zone

    For optimum coverage recommended mounting height between 2.4 and 5m

    cefla pir detection2

    Several CEFLA PIRSD switches


    In open plan areas

    For best coverage the CEFLA PIRSD should be spaced every 5m in either direction

  • Wiring DiagramsOpen or Close
    Single CEFLA PIRSD single
    A few CEFLA PIRSD wired in parallel parallel