High Bay PIR occupancy switches with switch / dim control

High Bay Narrow

Narrow detection:

High Bay Spot

Spot detection:

High Bay Wide

Wide detection:



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This range of passive infra-red occupancy switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting loads with the additional benefit of manual switching and dimming control.
The controls are hard wired version and can be mounted directly onto solid ceilings or onto a range of different mounting boxes.

When someone enters a room the lights are turned on using a wall switch. When the occupant leaves the room or area of detection the control automatically switches the lights off after a pre-selected time.

The override OFF function allows the occupant to turn the lights OFF from the wall switch (while the control is in the ON state) without waiting for the pre-selected time lag to time out. The lights can be switched back turned back ON by operating the wall switch in the usual way.
They can be mounted directly onto solid ceilings or onto a range of different mounting boxes.


Switch / Dim function

By pressing a momentary wall switch again (while the control is in its ON state) will operate the SWITCHING AND DIMMING functionality of the ballast (third party).
Please refer to ballast manufacturers data sheets for operation and synchronisation of the ballast.


Detection zone: 360°
Run-on time:

0, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 mins and infinite (always ON at minimum)

Photocell range: 30 to 1000 lux, and inactive
Loading: Up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive loads.
Up to 6 amps (1500W) of fluorescent loads.
Up to 3 amps (750W) of electronic and wire wound transformer loads.
Up to 2 amps (500W) of CFL, 2D lamps, LED Drivers and LED lamps and fittings.
Up to 1 amp (250W) of fans.
Dimensions: 90mm diameter x 63mm