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Programmable Energy Saving Control for switching and dimming 1-10VDC ballasts

This remotely programmable control is ideal for flush mounting through suspended or plasterboard ceilings. Programmable by Android phone (4.3 or later) or tablet via Bluetooth Smart.
Easy to configure interface enabling greater energy saving, safety and security.
It also includes a relay with special high surge contact material, so they are suitable for use with high bay LED lamps.
EZ CEFL 10VDC is designed for use with 1-10VDC ballasts.

Product code: EZ CEFL 10VDC

App suitable for Android devices 4.3 or later.



Voltage Suitable for mains voltage 100 - 260Vac, 50Hz (switch mode).

Suitable for switching and dimming 1-10VDC ballasts. Can control up to 20mA, eg. 20 ballasts at 1mA (varies according to make and model of ballasts).

They can also switch up to:

  • 10 amps (3000W) of resistive loads
  • 6 amps (1500W) fluorescent lamps, high frequency or switch start, incandescent or mains halogen lamps (recommended with integral safety fuse)
  • 3 amps (750W) of electronic or wire wound transformers.
  • 2 amps (500W) of low energy lamps: CFL, LED, drivers and LED lamps and fittings.
  • 1 amp (250W) of fans or most metal halide lamps.
Detection range: 360 degrees with 8m diameter when mounted at a 2.4m ceiling height.
Time Lag: Can be easily adjusted by APP to individual requirement from 10 seconds to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Lux: Enabled: 30 to 1000 lux and infinite lux (photocell inactive).
Dimensions: Device: 85mm diameter x 79mm
Power Supply: 120 x 50x 32mm


Additional Features

  • Password protection
  • Batch programming
  • Up to 100m signal range
  • ON / OFF override
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for retrofit or new build


  • DimensionsOpen or Close
    Ceiling void at least 78mm deep dimensions
  • Detection DiagramsOpen or Close

    icn-detection-strongStrong detection zone
    ie. person moving arm

    icn-detection-secondarySecondary detection zone
    ie. person walking (less sensitive when walking straight towards PIR switch)

    For optimum coverage recommended mounting height between 2.4 and 5m.

    PIR Quad detector gives 124 detection areas within the zone


    Perspective view of detection zone

    For optimum coverage recommended mounting height between 2.4 and 5m

  • Wiring DiagramsOpen or Close
    Single EZ CEFL 10VDC Wiring Diagram - Single