Special versions of various DANLERS products can be supplied to Original Equipment Manufacturers or other customers. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Here are some examples:



Low voltage PIR occupancy switches

We manufacture various 24V (a.c. or d.c.) versions of our PIR occupancy switches and photocell switches, ideal for low voltage control systems. 12V versions can also be supplied, depending on the quantity required. Many of these items are often held in stock. Please see page 14 for some of the Ceiling flush mounted variants. To special order we can also supply PIR occupancy switches with volt-free outputs (including versions with gold contact relays) available for use with mains, 24V or 12V supplies.

Wiring diagrams

Switched output
– 230 VAC supply


Switched output
– 24 Volt supply (AC or DC) supply


Switched output
– 12 Volt supply (AC or DC) supply


Volt-free output


Volt-free output
– 24 Volt (AC or DC) supply


Volt-free output
– 12 Volt (AC or DC) supply


Relay contact material options

  • STANDARD: High voltage, high current
  • GOLD: High voltage, low current
  • LOGIC GOLD: low voltage, low current

Open collector output can be implemented with DANLERS Logic Gold, Volt Free product variants.

Pre-wired controls

We can manufacture various bespoke pre-wired controls for use with marshalling box control systems as well as different cable lengths on standard products.

Low voltage high frequency dimmers

We can manufacture bespoke 1-10 volt PIR occupancy switches with daylight linked dimming with 24V (a.c. or d.c.) supply.


Bespoke time lag switches

Time lag switches with bespoke specifications can be supplied, depending on the quantity required.
The special features which can be supplied are:

  • Different time lag ranges
  • Fixed time lags
  • Warning signal before load is switched off (e.g. lighting load flashing off and back on again 1 minute before switch off)
  • Ability to manually switch off while part way through a time lag
  • Different coloured illuminated push buttons
  • Variants on the Heater boost switch with different time lag options and/or different printing on the front plate
  • Designed to operate from different supply voltages
  • With switched outputs or volt-free outputs.

Adaptor box with plug

We can also supply our square plated hard wired controls mounted on a special adaptor box with a plug, suitable for our Ceiling sockets (CESO and CESO SQ) and our Ceiling slave relays (CESL and CE2SL).


Manufacturing services

DANLERS offer manufacturing services, including surface mount and through hole electronic assembly, for other manufacturers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or visit DANLERS Contract Electronics Manufacturing
website: www.danlerscem.co.uk