DALI / DSI Power Supply Unit


Download Installation Guide

Download Installation Guide

DALI / DSI Power Supply Unit (DBPSU) is designed for use with DANLERS DALI / DSI dimmable controls or third party DALI / DSI controls.

The DALI / DSI Power Supply Unit is rated at 40mA (DALI standard allows 250mA maximum).
The controls interface of a DALI ballast normally sources at 2mA.
Individual DALI / DSI circuits must not exceed 40mA.
Standard 2-core mains cable of minimum guage 1.5mm2 is recommended.
The maximum cable length of the DALI / DSI signal wires must not exceed 300m or drop more than 2V on the signal line voltage.
To minimise voltage drop on the cable, the DBPSU can be installed at the middle of the system so the cable is split into 2 equal lengths.

Product code: DBPSU



Voltage Suitable for mains voltage
Supply Voltage: 120-240Vac
Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz
Supply Load: 4W maximum
Output: DALI
Output Current: 40mA
Output Voltage Load Off: 18V maximum
Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 32mm
Glow wire test: According to EN 60598-1 passed.
DALI standard: DALIPSU is designed to supply control gear with DALI standard IEC 60929 (DALI VO) and IEC 62386 (DALI V1).


  • DimensionsOpen or Close
    Power Supply: 120 x 50 x 32mm dimensions
  • Wiring DiagramsOpen or Close
    To control more than 20 ballasts (64 max) additional DBPSU can be installed in the middle of the system with cable split into equal lengths to minimise voltage drop. Polarity sensitive when installing multiple DBPSU. Wiring Diagram - Single